Check out the WiseOceans’ team’s top 10 books for little ocean explorers! Perfect for any child (and adult!) with a love of the marine world.


Who’s Hiding at the Seaside?

by Katharine McEwen

A beautifully illustrated lift-the-flap book created by the National Trust all about animals found at the seaside. This is the perfect book to help little ones learn interesting facts about seaside animals!

That’s Not My Turtle…

by Fiona Watt

A touchy-feely book from the popular series, for the littlest sea lover in the family.

Full of Photos

Coral Reef (Smart Kids)

by Steve Parker

Take a dive into the amazing world of coral reefs! Aimed at children aged 4-7 this book if full of close-up photos of all sorts of creatures found on coral reefs all over the world.

Safari Readers: Sea Turtles

by Tristan Walters

As well as being full of incredible photos of one of the oceans most loved animals these books are full of facts and puzzles to keep budding marine biologists entertained.


Smart About Sharks

by Owen Davey

For those children who are mad about sharks! This book is full of detailed illustrations, teaching children all about the most misunderstood ocean creature. Great for ages 7 – 11.

The Big Book of the Blue

by Yuval Zommer

Full of amazing facts and drawings this book is for children ages 4 – 6 who have a love for all ocean creatures.

Fictional Story

Clem and the Crab

by Fiona Lumbers

The story of a little girl who finds a crab with its claw stuck in a plastic bag. As well as being a lovely colourful book it has the great message that every small action helps when it comes to keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

The Storm Whale

by Benji Davies

A heart-warming book about Noi, a fisherman’s son, who finds a stranded baby whale on the beach and takes it home to keep in his bathtub!

To Inspire!

Shark Lady

by Jess Keating

This is the true story of the Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark. This book is set to inspire children to follow their dreams, just like Eugenie did to become of the world’s most well-known female marine biologist.

Marine Biologist on a Dive

by Sue Fliess and Mia Powell

Perfect for children aged 4-8, this book follows Maggie the marine biologist and her team down into the ocean to study how whales communicate.

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