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All About Sea Otters

Annually, throughout the last week of September, we celebrate sea otters during Sea Otter Awareness Week, a week dedicated to highlighting the importance of protecting this iconic threatened species.

To celebrate this year’s Sea Otter Awareness Week, here are our Top 7 facts about sea otters!

1. Fantastic Fur

Sea otters have the densest fur in the entire animal kingdom. They have up to 1 million hairs per square inch on their body, helping to keep them warm in the chilly North Pacific waters where they live!

2. Ocean Dwellers

Unlike other otters, sea otters can spend their entire lives in the ocean! They don’t ever have to leave the sea if they don’t want to

3. Superbly Social

Groups of sea otters are often seen floating on the surface of the ocean in groups called rafts

4. Clever Creatures

Sea otters will use tools to help them eat their prey. Otters often have favoured rocks which they use to crack open the shells of prey like urchins and clams.

5. Proud Parents

They are good parents! Their babies are called pups and are often seen floating on the bellies of their Mums!

6. Cuddling Up

To stop themselves from drifting away from their raft, individuals will hold paws while they nap! They will also wrap themselves and their pups up in kelp to stay safe amidst their fellow otters

7. Populations in Peril

Sea otters were once widely hunted for their fur, which people used to make clothing. This led to a serious decline in their numbers. Fortunately, they are now protected in most places and remaining small-scale hunting is regulated, meaning sea otter populations have grown. They are still endangered and vulnerable to pollution, disease and habitat loss

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about sea otters. For more super cute sea otters, join our Ocean Explorers club!

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