Over the course of eighteen weeks, our Ocean Explorers club dives into the world of marine biology and explores different animals and habitats all around our oceans. Each week is filled with inspiring images, videos, and facts, changing topic weekly – one week we might be talking about life on the coral reef and the next might be a deep dive into sharks. Every class is an all-encompassing session, so you can dip in and out for a week at a time or stay with us for the full cycle and become a fully-fledged Ocean Explorer!

Every year in Aprill we take a day to celebrate dolphins around the world. These iconic animals live in waters around the world and are some of the most loved aquatic creatures.

To celebrate this year’s Dolphin Day, we’ve rounded up our Top 8 facts all about these marvellous mammals!


Dolphins live in oceans around the world. Some species of dolphin even live in freshwater habitats – you can even find dolphins in the Amazon river!


They sleep with half their brain awake! Why, might you ask? To ensure they stay safe from any potential predators, and to make sure they can breathe! Dolphins are mammals, so they can’t breathe underwater like fish


Dolphins don’t chew their food, preferring to swallow it whole. If their chosen meal is a fish, this is usually done headfirst. Their sharp, conical teeth act to help them to catch slippery prey, rather than cut it up into pieces


Dolphins can’t smell! They rely largely on echolocation, having the ability to navigate underwater and find prey even in murky waters and at night


They are extremely social animals that live in groups called pods. They’ll spend their lives living with friends and family and are always chatting to one another


Did you know dolphins love to play? Pods can often be seen surfing waves, playing tag or even catch with pieces of coral or seaweed. Playing helps them learn and make bonds within their pod


Young dolphins will stay with their mothers until they are ready to go it alone. Their mothers will feed them milk and teach them about life. Young dolphins are called calves


Believe it or not, the biggest dolphin is often referred to as a whale… Yes! The biggest species of dolphin is the orca, otherwise known as killer whale. Orcas have been known to grow to lengths of around 10 metres or 30 feet!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about dolphins. For more cute calves and playful pods, join our Ocean Explorers club!

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