Jeanne saying hello to her comrade

Sex identification, its a He!

We are very lucky to have three tortoises at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita and although the focus of our work is on marine life we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to welcome the world renowned tortoise and turtle expert, Dr Jeanne Mortimer to the resort. The tortoises are a big attraction to all our guests and kids and we are often asked questions about them when guests come to our Marine Education Station. In contrast to what we all thought, we were happy to found out that we have two “she” Aldabra tortoises and a little “he” Radiata species (identifying the gender of tortoises is tricky – particularly when they are young!). We also had much fun trying to take their measurements and looking into their diet. According to Jeanne, they are happy tortoises!


Our little Radiata is 52.5 cm long

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Taking measurements of the tortoises


In order to treat Jeanne to a WiseOceans experience, we took her on a Marvellous Mangrove Snorkel. We braved the rain on that day and had a wonderful snorkel, where we spotted a young adult yellow boxfish, two juvenile Picasso triggerfish, a pufferfish, some upside-down jellyfish and not to forget the tiger cowries. She was very happy to have discovered such a different array of marine life.

We are eagerly waiting for her recommendations on the tortoises to make them and thus the guests even happier!

WiseOceans team with Jeanne