This year we have been working on an exciting and important new project to help raise awareness about the effects of climate change on coral reefs. We all know climate change is having a huge impact on our planet, but did you know it is also the greatest threat to coral reefs? Because coral reefs are sensitive to changes in environment and temperature they are at the front line of climate changes and we are already seeing the impacts of warming temperatures on the health of corals.

But all is not lost, we still have time to save coral reefs! When we break down the problem and actions we can take to counter climate change it is easier to see the simple ways we can all help to save our reefs. This is why we started our Promise to the Reef project.

This new experience launched here at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, will empower people to feel part of a positive solution to climate change by making a small Promise to the Reef; committing to an action to reduce their carbon footprint such as committing to reduce their waste and cutting out disposable plastic, eating less meat or investing in alternative energy. Participants will receive a handmade keepsake to remember their promise and follow up information to help keep taking small positive actions with a big impact. We soon hope to launch Promise to the Reef on our website too so where ever you are in the world you can be part of a positive change for our reefs.

Did you know?…

If every person reduced their emissions by one tonne this year, we would save the planet from over seven billion tonnes of greenhouse emissions. Just this would reduce our global annual emissions by nearly 20%.

Just committing to a small lifestyle or household change can easily reduce your emissions by one tonne, and this will make a difference.

  • Eating less meat (particularly the red stuff) a few meals a week,
  • Using less disposable plastics and recycling what you can,
  • Supporting a conservation project that restores natural habitat
  • Choosing to get some fresh air and not get behind a wheel for short journeys…take a walk or ride a bicycle.

Things that, when you think of it, can already easily fit into our lives. This is where we would ask you all to start, because sometimes it is the little things that count.

Here at WiseOceans we are of course taking up the challenge ourselves (starting with our Promise to the Reef for lent), and we found that once we get rolling on this journey it’s hard to stop.

So look out for more blogs where we will be sharing our thoughts and experiences of our positive changes for the future, featuring a different Promise to the Reef each time. To start us off, follow Charlotte’s adventures in a world full of plastics as she tries to Dispose of Disposables