Beautiful Petite Anse

Snorkeling in Petite Anse

When you’re asked if you’d like to spend a month in Seychelles being a Marine Educator the answer has to be yes doesn’t it? I’d worked as a Marine Educator at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for two years and then relocated back to the UK in November 2015 (still working for WiseOceans). I have to be honest though, the call of the ocean was getting strong and whilst I still love my role as Education and Communications Officer I was starting to day dream about snorkelling and diving a lot!

Coming back has been a bit like coming home. The welcome from my co-workers both in WiseOceans and within the resort has been so warm. So many friends and colleagues are still here and there’s lots of new faces too. Getting back in the warm, clear waters of Seychelles also feels like seeing an old friend, having snorkelled there many many times. There was a note of sadness however in seeing the effects of last year’s global bleaching event. Many corals had suffered from catastrophic bleaching and it made for a forlorn sight in some areas. Happily, there seems to be lots of new coral recruits around so with some luck there is at least the start of a recovery.

Marine Themed Top Trumps

Plankton fun on the beach

I didn’t do a whole lot of traveling round the islands but I did get the opportunity to visit the Cerf Island Conservation Program where I got to snorkel in the marine park there and talk marine conservation with the team running the program. It is always exciting to explore a new snorkel site and I was thrilled to spot a swimming flat worm too!

For the most part though it has been all about marine education and snorkeling. The Easter period bought high occupancy to the resort and lots of young families which has meant busy days playing Top Trumps (marine based of course!), taking guests on guided snorkels, marine based kids activities and games and just generally sharing the marine love with as many people as possible.  A great way to spend your time!

So, after my month here I’m heading back to the UK and returning to my role as Education and Communications Officer. It’s a role I also love so it’s not a great hardship but whilst I’ll be returning to spring weather (which can be lovely) I will certainly miss the warm sunny days of Seychelles – not to mention the lovely warm ocean.


The view from the Marine Educator’s desk

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Back on the beach at Petite Anse

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On the way to Cerf Island