Annie in the water

A Warm Welcome Back to the Beach

by Annie Vidot

After three years (where I did my undergraduate degree) I am back into the Marine Educator role at Petite Anse, Four Seasons Resorts Seychelles and I feel like I’ve never been away! I was very happy to have been offered this position. Having enjoyed my degree at The University of Seychelles I now love the fact that I’ll be spending more time in the water.

October has been a fruitful month since I’ve joined the team, it has been easy blending in with the members of the team, we all share similar interests and there has been a flow of knowledge from each one of us, making a great working environment! The staff at the resort has also been helpful, reminding me about certain things at the resort – helping me find my way around!

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something new”

Annie Vidot

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new –  assisting projects and interacting with guests, either chatting about diving and snorkelling spots, or just the weather in general. The guided snorkel sessions are my favourite, contributing to the guests’ experience and sharing knowledge about the wonders of our oceans. I’m always pleased when I meet the guests’ expectations and they are amazed at the end of their experience about the things they’ve learnt, this really makes me feel content in what I’m doing.

I’m very happy that I get to work on the Reef Restoration Project and I’m pleased to have done my first coral transplants and contribute to the well- being of the coral nursery. I also did my first interview with The Ocean Project a few weeks after started – that was a great start (look out for this interview soon!)

There is more to come in the coming months – I’m excited – I’ll get to do more surveys and help establish a new database. I believe WiseOceans has a lot to offer and so do I, and this will mould my career as a Marine Biologist.