Stephanie underwater

A Warm Welcome Home to Mauritius

by Stephanie Cybèle Clarisse

When I saw the job advertisement for the post of Marine Educator based at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita in the newspaper, I was packing up to come back to Mauritius after 3 years of studies in China. I had the feeling that this job was tailor-made for me as I was a former Marine Science teacher and considering my acute passion for the sea. I was delighted, grateful and excited to have been offered the position, already contemplating the fact that my classroom would be the beach, the coral reefs and the mangroves; and my students would be the staff and the guests of the resort.

So, October marks an important start in my professional career in Mauritius. Sharing my knowledge with others has always been rewarding to me and thus being a Marine Educator is the perfect job for me. After a guided snorkel session, it is gratifying to hear and read the guest’s appreciation and compliments. I was also excited to be part of the La Passe Cadet Reef Restoration Project based at the resort. I had the opportunity to do my first coral transplant and the practical experience of it was so rewarding. It was surely the first of many more transplants in view to make a little contribution to the recovery of our reef biomass.

Another amazing event in October was the Ocean Festival – an opportunity for guests (and staff) at the resort to celebrate the wonder of our oceans. We had weeks of preparation and organization. On the big day, everyone in the team had plenty to do, but everything went well. The kids were very excited to participate in the quiz and marine-related games organized by the WiseOceans Team. We could read on their faces how they were amazed at hearing fascinating facts about marine life.

I was warmly welcomed by the team in Mauritius. They are always ready to help and are happy to answer all my questions. I feel like I’m being part of a new family here at the Coral Cabana.

Long Live Marine Life, Long Live WiseOceans