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Dive into the Classroom

Through WiseOceans Academy, our Dive into the Classroom programme delivers high quality fun and interactive marine education across the globe. Our lessons cover a wide range of topics, are suitable for varying ages and can be adapted for special needs. All are taught by experienced Marine Biologists.

Public Sessions

Join our global Outschool classroom to meet a WiseOceans Marine Biologist and learn all about our incredible oceans and their fascinating inhabitants. You can book a single class from a wide range of topics, undertake a short ‘camp’, or join our weekly Ocean Explorers Club.

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WiseOceans Academy Virtual Learning Homeschooling Marine Education
WiseOceans Academy Virtual Learning Homeschooling Marine Education

Private Sessions

Enjoy an exclusive class with a Marine Biologist. Pick from any of our topics and experience a bespoke lesson – either 1-2-1 or with a group of friends. These sessions can be adapted to suit any age, ability, or special needs.

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School Sessions

Are your students passionate about life under the sea? Enhance your curriculum, support class topics, and bring marine biology to life with a virtual session with one of our experienced Marine Biologists and Educators.

We have been delivering high quality sessions for over 10 years and have reached over 10,000 students in 37 countries.

Sessions are interactive, media-rich and can be adapted for various ages and/or special needs, as well as for specific class or school projects. You can connect with us via Zoom, Skype, or Teams.

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WiseOceans Academy - Marine Education, School in Seychelles
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Sweatcoin School Grant

Our brand new grant, courtesy of Sweatcoin, and aimed at schools worldwide, is now open!

Through this grant, we will be offering 8 virtual Marine Education sessions to schools globally, which will be most suitable for children aged between 7 and 11. Sessions will last 40-50 minutes, and ten topics are available to choose from. There is no limit regarding class size. We particularly welcome applications from schools who have limited access to external speakers.

To be considered, please submit an Application Form. Terms and Conditions for this grant can be viewed here. For further information, or specific queries, please contact us on

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Explore our current topics below
If you are looking for something not listed, please get in touch!

Hammerhead Shark - WiseOceans Academy Topic


Learn how important sharks are to our oceans and how wrong the negative stereotypes are! Discover their incredible anatomy and learn about their ‘supersenses’. Species include the great white, and some lesser-known species like the goblin!

Sea Turtle - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Sea Turtles

Explore the amazing world of sea turtles. In this session we take a detailed look at the different species of sea turtle, their anatomy, and their fascinating lifecycle (think lots of cute hatchling videos!) We also look at the threats they face, and how we can help

Dolphins - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Whales & Dolphins

Discover the wonderful world of some of the oceans’ most charismatic creatures. What do these marine mammals have in common? How are baleen and toothed whales different? Explore different species, like the bottlenose and spinner dolphins, orcas, blue whale, sperm whale and the narwhal!

Cephalopods - WiseOceans Academy Topic


Octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. These incredible creatures are cephalopods – which means ‘head-foot’. So, what’s the difference between an arm and a tentacle? Discover the answer to this, and so much more, as we take a detailed look at these intelligent, and crafty creatures

Coral Reefs - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are hugely important ecosystems, but what are corals? How do they build these amazing underwater structures? What animals live in and on the reefs? What threats do they face, and how can we help? In this session, we answer these questions and so much more

The Poles - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Life at the Poles

Brrrr! How does marine life survive in the extreme conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic? Discover the amazing adaptations that have helped a group of marine animals make the freezer their home. We also explore the challenged they face as sea temperatures rise

Whale Shark, Ocean Giant - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Ocean Giants

Explore the world of ocean giants. It’s not just about whales (although we look at them of course!). We answer questions such as: Why did these animals get so big? Is the blue whale really bigger than any dinosaur? How big is the eye of a giant squid?

Sea Otter, Marine Mammals - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Marine Mammals

Learn about our oceans’ mammals! Explore seals, manatees, sea otters and polar bears (whales & dolphins are marine mammals but they have their own dedicated session). How have these mammals made the sea their home? What role do they play in helping their ecosystems?

Deep Ocean - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Ocean Zones

Let’s dive deep into the ocean! Down in the Twilight, Midnight Zones and beyond, there is a whole other world to explore. Discover how marine life has adapted to this harsh but fascinating environment and learn about several iconic deep-sea creatures such as the anglerfish and blobfish

Coastal Marine Life - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Coastal Marine Life

In this session we explore the incredible marine life found on the beaches and rocky shores right here in the UK. From crabs to anemones, worms to limpets and sea starts to blennies, we will get to know our resident marine species much better! Also included is how to ‘rockpool’ with care

Marine Monsters - WiseOceans Academy Topic

Marine Monsters

A Spooktacular and fangtastic look at the ghoulish and grizzly species of the ocean. They’ll be bats, zombies, ghosts, devils, goblins, vampires, and gruesome behaviour from some incredibly strange fish!

Nudibranch / Sea Slug Camouflage - WiseOceans Academy Topic


Discover how ocean creatures have mastered the art of camouflage. Whether it is to help them hide from predators, or to enable them to ambush their prey, there is no doubt that there are many underwater masters of camouflage residing in our oceans

Wise Kids

Head over to Wise Kids for educational resources, activities, and marine-themed fun!



United Kingdom Review


Parent, UK

My daughters did a session and I think it’s fair to say it was their favourite lesson by far! This is what homeschooling is all about! Engaging, interactive, fun learning. They absolutely LOVED it.



Cleveland Elementary Teacher, USA

The program was wonderful! We have an active group of 1st graders this year and they were very engaged! Thank you so much!

Muthill Primary School Logo


Deputy Head Teacher, UK

The WiseOceans’ presentation held the interest of all the children in my P2/3/4 class. The style is informative, interactive, and fun. Weeks have gone by and the children still ask when WiseOceans will be coming back for a visit.

Hawthorns School Logo


Hawthorns 1st School, UK

We really enjoyed your visit. All the children were enthusiastic about it and the teachers said how lovely it was to have an expert to answer the children’s questions. It was a great day and great value for money