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Interested in our sessions but unsure if virtual learning is for you? Have no fear! We are here to provide all the information you need about our online Dive into the Classroom programme. Read on to learn about a typical virtual class with us, and how it compares to an in-person lesson. Still have questions? Feel free to email our Academy Coordinator!

1. Virtual Classroom

Once you have enrolled into one of our one-offs or on-going clubs you will be added to the classroom. Next, the designated teacher will inform you about the upcoming topic being covered in class that week and to provide you with a downloadable worksheet. Worksheets are optional but can help with reinforcing what has been taught in class. In the classroom, you can also contact the teacher and other students with questions, or just to chat about marine creatures!

2. Introduction and Class Rules

To begin a lesson the teacher will start the zoom call on and admit each student one at a time, welcoming them to the class. Regardless of whether it is a simple wave or a more informative hello, students must turn on their video at the start. Afterwards, students can then opt to turn off their camera if they wish to do so

Our lessons will often start with the teacher introducing themselves to the class and new students. They will also explain the rules of the classroom. As with in-person classes, students must raise their hand if they would like to ask or answer a question. This prevents issues of talking over the teacher or other students and this can be done with the zoom function or if their video is on students can physically raise their hands and wait their turn. WiseOceans Academy teachers do not stand for unkindness during lessons. This includes in the zoom chat – we promote a safe and fun learning environment for all.

3. Exploring the Topic

Lessons start with a quick summary of what we are going to be learning about that day. This is the perfect opportunity for students to share if they have ever seen the species or habitat we are talking about, in real life, on TV or at an aquarium, or if they have any facts or stories about the topic they want to share with the class!

Throughout the class we will go through each stand-alone topic. This could include the anatomy, behaviour, and diet of a range of species, the various aspects of a habitat or the threats some species may be facing and how we can help. The teacher will share lots of videos and photos – including ones that have been taken by WiseOceans staff during our work around the world. Teachers will share our first-hand experiences of interactions with some of these creatures, bringing to life each topic. Classes are based around a presentation, but teachers will encourage interaction, questions, and curiosity from students to create an engaging class experience.

4. Pop Quiz and Questions

At the end of each session there is a short pop quiz to help solidify what the class has learnt in the lesson. There is also usually time for any last-minute questions and remarks from the class.

If this sounds like the kind of class you have been looking for for your mini marine biologist follow the link to our OutSchool page to sign up for our clubs of one-offs.

Ready to start your ocean exploring journey? To sign up and become an Ocean Explorer today click here. While you wait for your first class, why not follow us on Facebook, where we regularly share fun facts, craft ideas and cute videos. You might also like to sign up to our monthly WiseKids newsletter for a monthly dose of marvellous marine-themed content straight to your inbox!

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