At WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles we love our skin, but we love the reef, too! This is why the resort provides special reef-friendly sunscreen products for all their guests, pictured here amongst the equipment in the Reef Restoration Project‘s Coral Cabana.

Evoa, by EQ, is an example of a sunscreen which doesn’t have the same impact upon coral that many regular sunscreens do, impacts which can increase bleaching of coral reefs for example (read more about this in the links below). Evoa, as EQ puts it, “enables skin protection and sustainability to come together”.

This may look like just a small thing, but as consumers our choices can really make the difference and we can promote products with minimal impacts on the oceans.

So, if you are looking for a good sunscreen for this summer, make sure you choose a biodegradable one, and one which does not contain: paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and camphor derivatives.

Protect your skin, and coral reefs too… just like us!


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We love corals

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Read about how these ingredients impact on coral: