Creature Feature – Giant Sea Star

This week on Creature Feature Friday we take a look at the Giant Sea Star.

A marine invertebrate found on the western coast of North America, like other species, this sea star species generally has five wide arms. They are either purple, yellow, orange, or brown in colour. It is the fourth largest species of sea star, and like other species, has the unique ability to regrow limbs! 

Giant Sea Star - Creature Feature


Scientific Name: Pisaster giganteus

Phylum: Echinodermata

Order: Forcipulatida

Family: Asteriidae

Genus: Pisaster

© Olivia Johnson

Giant Sea Star Fact File

? Size: The fourth largest sea star species, they can reach a diameter of 61cm 

? Distribution: This species can be found on the western coast of North America, usually on rocks and near the low tide mark

? Diet: Individuals eat a range of barnacles, gastropods, and limpets

? Behaviour: Like many other species, the giant sea star possesses the ability to regenerate their spiny limbs lost to predators like seagulls. They can also detach limbs as a distraction while they escape. If individuals are cut in half, they can grow into 2 new starfish

? IUCN Status: Not Evaluated