Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Creature Feature – Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

This week is the letter ‘O’, and today’s featured creature is the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. 

This species is one of the smallest species of sea turtle and are named as such due to the olive green colour of their heart-shaped shell.

Creature Feature Friday - Olive Sea Turtle Taxonomy


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Order: Testudines

Family: Cheloniidae

Genus: Lepidochelys

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Fact File

? Size: Individuals can reach about 61cm in carapace length and weigh up to 45kg

? Distribution: This species can be found throughout our world’s oceans

? Diet: Omnivorous, they feed on a wide variety of food items, including algae, lobster, crabs, and molluscs

? Behaviour: This species, and the related Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, are best known for their unique synchronised mass nestings called arribadas, where thousands of females come together on the same beach to lay eggs

? IUCN Status: Vulnerable. They are currently the most abundant of all sea turtles however they nest in a very small number of places, and therefore any disturbance to even one nest beach could have huge repercussions on the entire population. In addition, bycatch in fishing gear and the direct harvest of turtles and eggs are the threaten the species