Tiger Shark

Creature Feature – Tiger Shark

This week is the letter ‘R’, and today’s featured creature is the Tiger Shark. 

A large ground shark species, this species is famous for it’s characteristic vertical bars that cover the sides of its body.

Tiger Shark Taxonomy


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Order: Carcharhiniformes

Family: Galeocerdonidae

Genus: Galeocerdo

Tiger Shark Fact File

? Size: Individuals can grow up to 5.5m long and weigh 900kg, making them one of the largest shark species

? Distribution: This species can be found worldwide, in tropical to temperate latitudes

? Diet: Famous for eating just about anything they can capture, tiger sharks are known to eat different fishes and invertebrates, seabirds, sea turtles, marine mammals, rays, smaller sharks, sea snakes, scavenged dead animals, among many other things!

? Behaviour: An aggressive predator, they tend to live in shallow coastal waters (but have been observed at 350m deep) and are solitary, mostly nocturnal hunters

? IUCN Status: Near-threatened. This is primarily due to targeted (finning) and accidental catch in fisheries