My temporary new office

It has been one month already that I am based in Four Seasons Resort Seychelles and it’s just great to be working in another paradise resort.

Beach profiling in Petite Anse

On the first day, we had a couple who want to do a private snorkeling and no time to lose, we grab our equipment and jump in the water. It was great to see the different types of fish and coral we have around the bay. It is great to see how different the biodiversity is from home.  The site I snorkel in Mauritius in less deep so we find loads of different type of damselfish, butterflyfish and pipefish whereas in the bay, it is a bit deeper and we found huge fish such as batfish, parrotfish, wrasse and barracudas. The best thing is we can found so many spotted eagle rays or whitetip reef sharks and being able to just snorkel from the beach any time (instead of having to take a boat to the reef)  is just a real blessing and for marine educators, it is a big play ground.

One of my focus is learn the maximum on the Reef Restoration Project but also spend time in the nursery with my colleague Georgie. After a detailed orientation on the Coral Reef Restoration Project, we managed to spend lot of the time in the nursery.

Perfect weather for beach profiling

With my other colleague, Hannah, I learn how to do the fish survey around the bay and also we did a CoralWatch survey (a global citizen science project that collects data to monitor the health of coral reefs around the world). Of course I also spent a lot of time in the water bringing the guests for private guided snorkel.

Life as a resident Marine Educator in Seychelles is different from Mauritius. Staying nearby the resort with all the resident employees from different countries make you travel all over the world every night spending a great time laughing and doing lot of activities. And of course, when I have my two days off, why not to become a tourist and drive all around the island of Mahé. Visiting the capital and buying some nice souvenirs from the local market and eating the local food while enjoying the lovely beaches Seychelles has.

I look forward to do this amazing cross exposure trip again. It has been a great experience and time pass so quickly that it’s already time to go back home.


The famous clock tower in Victoria

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A giant clam in the Natural History Museum, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles