My Dream Internship with WiseOceans in Seychelles

by Mateo Delclos

For my university formation in France, I had to make an internship in environmental sciences. I saw all my friends spent a lot of time in a chemistry laboratory (chemistry isn’t my passion) or on a desk to make some interns tasks. Definitely, I didn’t want to do that, I wanted something more exciting, with more adventures…

So, I discovered the Reef Restoration Project and worked on. It was so exciting to dive in order to “plant” corals! And to try to keep it safe during wavy times too. When you work during like one hour in the coral nursery, fishes become familiar with you and they approach very closely, it was just magic!

And to work with your feet in the sand… What an incredible thing!

What I love in WiseOceans in Four Seasons Resort, is that activities are very varied. You can work and discuss a serious marine biology issue with the coral nursery for example in the morning, and communicate with guests and inspire them in the afternoon. Every single day is different and keep the job so exciting.

I can’t ever forget this experience which was so different from the others… Life in a fully English environment was also for me a real challenge, which makes the experience even more special and beneficial.

I just have to say thank you WiseOceans!