Ebony Forest Mauritius

EFC Environmental Conference, Ebony Forest, Mauritius 2022

Once home to the Dodo, Ebony Forest remains a refuge for the threatened native flora and fauna of Mauritius. Each year, a 1-Day Environmental Education Conference takes place at Ebony Forest where NGO’s and other relevant organisations share their experiences and challenges operating in the sector. In addition, professional educators provide advice on the most effective communication methods in order to raise awareness that will lead to changes in both attitude, and behaviour. This year’s conference took place on Wednesday 22nd June, and our representor, Marine Biologist and Educator Rick, has summarised his experience below.

Representing WiseOceans

‘On Wednesday 22nd of June 2022, I attended the EFC Environmental Conference at Ebony Forest. This conference is beneficial to our company as it provides information regarding what projects other organisations are undertaking in Mauritius, and what challenges they face.

At the conference, many organisations were present. This included the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Eco-System Resilience Alliance, and various school representatives from the island. Each company began by presenting a 20-minute overview about what we do day-to-day for the organisation we represent.

After this, networking began! For me, a personal highlight was being able to meet the Head of Education at Odesseyo Aquarium, who are monitoring sea horses around Mauritius. I also met with the Marine Biologist from the Lagoon Attitude Hotel. They possess a great Marine Discovery Centre which incorporates a small aquarium, home to anemones, and other marine creatures.

I also connected with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Eco-System Resilience Alliance and the Ebony Forest team themselves. We discussed a new activity at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, the Guided Resort Nature Walk. They greatly enjoyed learning more about both our marine and terrestrial projects and activities.’

WiseOceans presentation at the ERC Environmental Education Conference, Mauritius

WiseOceans Marine Biologist at Educator Rick

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