It has been an amazing month spent at Four  Seasons  Resort Mauritius at Anahita as Skipper and Marine Educator Support in the WiseOceans team. It has been a great pleasure to participate in the Reef Restoration Project, where I got the opportunity to be involved in the rehabilitation of the reef, protection of the marine environment and awareness raising on  the importance of our amazing  marine life.  

I  also had a great experience in the underwater world while going out on our exploration  snorkel on the reef as well as in the marvellous mangroves where I got the privilege to admire a great variety of marine life, starting from the gorgeous tiny little nudibranchs to the destructive crown of thorns sea stars. These sea stars predate on corals and are capable of eating their diameter in coral every day. As part of a healthy and balanced reef they help to maintain the diversity of coral species but in large numbers they can devastate reefs, eating corals at a rate faster than they can grow back. Out of the water I am also learning our different daily tasks with the help of Jyodee and Rick, who are very nice and fun to work with. 

Engaging with the guests on the beach and sharing our passion for the marine environment, remains the best of all. I’m looking forward to going back to the coral nursery and to remove those nasty crown of thorn seas stars from our lagoon soon!