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Ten Top Tips

Looking to expand your team? It’s important to find the right people to join you – someone that fits in with the company and shares your values, so we are here to help you write the perfect job advert and find that person! Read on for our 10 top tips to write a great job advert.

1. Top Title

Consider using a clear but catchy title to draw attention to the role. Instead of “Project Officer”, you could add interest into the role with one word to describe that project: “Coral Project Officer”. We’ve found that roles with informative but still engaging titles get much more traction than those with ambiguous ones.

2. Describe Your Company

Be sure to offer an insight into your company, the work you do, and your values. This ensures applicants can quickly ascertain whether they are a suitable candidate.

3. Give Clear Expectations

Outline the role and what it entails. You do not need to go into excessive detail, a bulleted list of the roles and responsibilities works perfectly.

4. List Your Requirements

Again, a bulleted list works well for this one – it’s important for prospective applicants to know they are not wasting their and your time applying for roles that they are not suited for. You can divide this section into essential and desirable skills, and ensure you emphasise any that are non-negotiable.

5. Share the Salary

We know it’s not always possible to do so but by being transparent about the salary and benefits included for the role, you are much more likely to get the calibre of candidates you are looking for.

6. Outline the Details

Sharing the logistics of the role is important. If you can, we recommend adding information about the expected start date, duration of contract, location, working hours and any other relevant details.

7. Detail How to Apply

Vital! Don’t forget to add in how to apply to the end of your job advert. Whether you are using an automated application form, software, or accepting applications by email, ensure you include the details of how applicants can apply for the role and when the closing date is.

8. Offer a Contact

Providing a contact email address, phone number or form is useful for participants to ask any queries they may have.

9. Link Your Website

We always recommend linking the job advert to your website so that any applicants can research your organisation before applying. Each of our listings includes a “find out more” and “apply now” button at the bottom which can be customised.

10. Include Your Logo

It’s always a good idea to include your logo in the listing, and we provide a space for that on our job board. This helps draw attention to your listing. Who knows, the perfect candidate might have been watching and waiting for it to pop up!

If you have a marine conservation opportunity to promote, let us know! Our job board and free weekly newsletter is followed by thousands of early career marine scientists, looking for their next role. Email us on carees@wiseoceans.com to list your latest role with us and we’ll share with you our easy-to-follow template.

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