Activities from the Future Women Leaders in STEM day

Activities from the Future Women Leaders in STEM day

WiseOceans was delighted to have been invited by Planet Earth Institute to run a one day workshop during their STEP week: Future Women Leaders in STEM*.  This week was part of the Science and Technology Enrolment Program (STEP) in Mauritius and over 100 girls aged 12-15 years from schools across the country attended the week to learn more about science and technology and its real world applications. We prepared and organised a variety of fun, interactive, educational and inspiring activities with the aim of uncovering the next Mauritian marine scientists.

Trying on some SCUBA diving equipment

Throughout the day the girls discovered the importance of communication in science and made posters to convey conservation messages.  They watched Vey Nou Lagon, a short Mauritian documentary discussing the changing state of the reefs and how it affects the livelihood of people. They also went on a virtual snorkel and learnt how to identify different fish. In conjunction with this the girls learnt about why we conduct reef surveys as well as trialling some SCUBA equipment. All the activities were extremely well received and it was great to see so much genuine interest in the roles of marine scientists and educators.

Having worked on this paradise island for almost one year now, and spending so much of my time snorkelling the amazing underwater habitats, my drive to increase the level of knowledge and conservation just keeps growing. Being part of this STEP week was a huge opportunity to increase WiseOceans’ level of outreach engagement in Mauritius and provided the chance to connect with many new schools. Myself and fellow Marine Educator Rick Bonnier thoroughly enjoyed the day and we look forward to many more collaborative events with Planet Earth Institute in the future.

* STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)