Published: April 3, 2023

Location: Indonesia


Closing Date: Ongoing

Marine Conservation Courses

About the organisation

Blue Marline Conservation is a marine conservation organization,  training the new generation of citizen scientists through our programs.  We are a proud member of the Conservation Diver Foundation, an international non-profit organization which through training courses is giving people, from many different professional backgrounds, the knowledge to initiate action and through their networks helping those who want to make a difference join up and realize their goals.

Our mission is to conserve and restore the coral reef ecosystem through the provision of marine conservation education to the local community and tourists visiting Gili Air; that builds awareness of the issues threatening our marine environments. Our program will be research led, producing data that actively contributes to the development of successful conservation strategies and scientific methodologies that will further our understanding of the marine environment.

We truly believe that is it only through education and local engagement that we will finally rise awareness about the several issues threatening our marine ecosystems. Thus, we are continuously involved in local initiatives such as beach clean-ups, science talks, coral restoration, and other collaborations with local conservation organizations on the island.

About the courses

No matter your professional background, everybody who is interested in marine conservation is welcome! All the courses include a classroom session (theory), followed by a practical application of skills. Our conservation program is divided in 2 main modalities:

  1. Specialty Courses: Our individual specialty certifications can be accomplished within 1 day and represents a good option for people travelling/visiting our island during a short period of time. Each Specialty Course includes one lecture(theory) and a practical dive. The current offered Specialty Courses are:
    1. Coral Reef Ecology & Monitoring
    2. Shark ecology and population studies
    3. Sea turtle ecology and monitoring
    4. Seahorse: population and monitoring
    5. Sea slugs ecology and identification (nudibranchs)
  2. Our second modality is based on weekly programs. These are a good opportunity for people that will stay on Gili Air for at least 6 full days. We offer one-week, two-week, or three-week programs. if you choose our 2-week program, it must be week one and week two.


During the first week of the Conservation Diver course we focus on the Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP). Every day will start with a lecture on the day’s topic, followed by a dive to put the theory into practice. You will learn the ins and outs of the tropical coral reef ecosystems, how to monitor invertebrate and fish species and how-to asses the health of corals. Additionally, we will have our first approach to Coral Taxonomy and one specialty course.


During our second week, we will focus on Coral Restoration and Artificial Reefs. During this week, we take our new understanding of the reef and put it into action. After reviewing the theory and techniques involved in reef restoration, you will help in the design, built, and maintenance of coral nurseries and artificial reef structures. Working underwater to restore coral reefs is one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding things you will ever do! We will continue learning about coral taxonomy with our Advanced Coral Taxonomy course and will have a second specialty course.


During the third week of the program, we dive deeper into the world of marine ecology. During this last week of our program, you will have five specialty courses which will expand your knowledge even further. Simultaneously, you will be able to practice and improve all the surveying techniques learned during the previous weeks.

After completing all three weeks of the program, you can apply for a 3-month intern position with Conservation Diver Indonesia to gain more experience in day to day conservation activities. This program is directed to those pursuing a career in marine conservation or management and/or to students undergoing a research project/thesis. Please contact us for further information about our internship program.

Costs and Prerequisites

2023 prices

1 day Course 1.8 million
1 Week Course 13 million
2 Week Course 19 million
3 Week Course 28 million

To start with our courses you must be certified by SSI, PADI or equivalent as an Advanced Open Water level diver. But don’t worry, if you are a non-diver and you are interested in joining our courses, you can complete the Open Water Course (3 days, 5.9 million IDR + 100,000 IDR Marine Park fee) and the Advanced Open Water Course (2 days, 4.9 million IDR*) at Blue Marline PADI Dive center. Additionally, keep in mind that all participants must show advanced buoyancy skills and must be physically able to lift-carry a gear bag (around 20kg).

What is included? Scuba diving costs (excluding those courses needed to get the Advanced Open Water Certification), all dive gear (dive computer and SMB upon availability), and certification and course materials (the number of certifications will depend on the course/program selected, as well whether you get a manual and/or access to our e-learning platform).

What is not included? Food, accommodation, dive insurance, travel insurance, and travel expenses to and from Gili Air.

Furthermore, we offer our free services to help students to find accommodation and bike rental (under local prices), and as well, to get the best option for a dive insurance.

Start date

If you decide that our weekly programs suit you the most, please contact us for further information in regard to starting dates. In case of our Specialty Courses, these are offered continuously. Please, visit us at the dive shop or email us if further information is needed.

How to apply

Please send us your letter of interest and resume to