Published: April 4, 2024

Location: Indonesia


Closing Date: April 20, 2024

Operational Manager

About the organisation

Our passion is to give people who would like to learn more about marine conservation or simple do something different on their holiday, a unique experience. We are proud to share with you that our Research Assistant Program won multiple awards and GoOverseas even rated us as the best marine conservation program in the world!

We believe that a strong community of different individuals can make a bigger impact on marine protection than a single organization. Therefore, our team works side by side with the local research team of NGO Gili Matra Bersama and we support their work in protecting and restoring the coral reef environment within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve and to help them to create the first recognized shark nursery ground in Indonesia.

About the role

As the Operational Manager of Gili Shark Conservation, you’ll be at the heart of our marine conservation programs. You’ll work closely with participants, the research team at NGO Gili Matra Bersama, and other partners to keep things running smoothly every day. Your role is crucial in creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved and helping to make a real difference in protecting marine life here in the Gili Islands.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Please find below more detailed information about the tasks and responsibilities of the operational manager of Gili Shark Conservation

1. Operational
1.1 Applications, Mentorship and Admin
  • Manage participant application process, including reviewing applications and conducting interviews.
  • Collect necessary documentation from participants, such as medical forms, liability waivers, and emergency contact information.
  • Respond to inquiries via email, website, and social media channels promptly and professionally.
  • Act as a mentor for participants, providing guidance, support, and skill development opportunities
  • Conduct one-on-one intake sessions to assess participant skills, interests, and availability and assign special projects to participants based on their interests and strengths.

1.2 Schedules, Courses and File Management

  • Coordinate weekly schedules for staff, diving activities, courses, and research projects. Ensure alignment of schedules with participant preferences and research requirements.
  • Maintain and organize equipment and merchandise inventory, ensuring availability and functionality.
  • Ensuring all operational and research files are being stored correctly.

1.3 Support the research team of NGO Gili Matra Bersama

  • Coordinate with project managers to assign participants to suitable projects based on their skills and preferences.
  • Foster a cohesive team atmosphere among participants and researchers, promoting collaboration and mutual support.
  • Conduct weekly team meetings and monthly science meetings in collaboration with NGO Gili Matra Bersama.
  • Coordinate with project managers and stakeholders to ensure effective communication and collaboration.

1.4 Financial Management

  • Manage petty cash and track expenses accurately.
  • Collaborate with the accountant to facilitate invoicing processes for program fees.
  • Manage boat and equipment rental, ensuring accurate tracking of invoices.

1.5 Health and Safety Compliance

  • Ensure health and safety protocols are followed at all times, and assist with medical emergencies as needed.
  • Provide guidance and training to staff and participants on safety procedures and protocols.

2. Education

  • Plan and facilitate educational workshops and training sessions.
  • Develop educational materials and presentations to enhance participants’ understanding of marine ecosystems and conservation principles.
  • Train participants to assist with data collection, fieldwork activities and teach scientific and conservation courses.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to participants in implementing educational programs and initiatives.
  • Act as one of the mentors for participants who are doing their PADI Divemaster as part of our Divemaster Conservation Program.

3. Science – Assist the research team of Ngo Gili Matra Bersama

3.1 Data Coordination – Assist the research team of NGO Gili Matra Bersama with

  • The coordination of data collection efforts and ensure adherence to methodology.
  • Supervise survey work and quality control of research data.
  • Develop and implement research programs, both existing and new.

3.2 Participants Support

  • Oversee the involvement of participants in scientific research projects
  • Analyze and interpret scientific data collected by participants

3.3 Research Collaboration

  • Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between participants, researchers, and stakeholders.
  • Contribute to research publications, reports, and presentations on marine conservation topics.

4. Community Outreach

4.1 Event Representation

  • Represent Gili Shark Conservation at community events, meetings, and conferences.
  • Raise awareness of marine conservation issues and opportunities for involvement among the local community.
  • Work together with influencers and journalists to promote the project and create awareness around conservation topics.

4.2 Diving Community Engagement

  • Act as a liaison between Gili Shark Conservation and the diving community on the Gili Islands.
  • Respond to inquiries, address concerns, and build relationships to support engagement and collaboration.


  • Would you like to call the ocean your office and give people from all around the world a once-in-a-lifetime experience?
  • Are you a born leader and mentor, with a superpower for empowering others to be the best version of themselves?
  • Are you super organized, great with Excel, do you love making schedules, and enjoy problem-solving?
  • Are you a dive professional (divemaster or instructor) with a background in marine science/conservation, and do you love teaching?
  • Would you love to live on a small tropical island in Indonesia and are you ready for a new challenge starting May 2024?

Then, we are looking for you!

Salary and benefits

To be confirmed

Start date

May 2024

How to apply

Send your motivation letter + CV before April 20, 2024, to We can’t wait to get to know you better and review your application.