Annie Vidot, Marine Educator Assistant

As a young Seychellois, I have extreme passion for marine life. When I first heard about WiseOceans I always wondered what they do without realising that one day I would be part of this amazing team who also share this interest.

Annie collage, Seychelles, August 2015 © JE WiseOceansDuring my days with WiseOceans I have been working with Tania, the Reef Restoration Project Officer, learning about the Reef Restoration Project at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles and the different methodologies used. Using my rapidly improving duck diving skills I am able to collect fragments on my own, doctor them (selecting healthy fragments and placing them on metal supports) then placing them back in the nursery. As well as learning all these techniques I am able to demonstrate all of this with the  resort guests. I have really enjoyed engaging with the guests, understanding what a Marine Educator really does. Each day I meet different faces from different places keen to learn about the marine life.  Sharing this knowledge is one of the key reasons why I’m excited about this opportunity.

I realize how blessed I am to be living on such a wonderful island with a rich biodiversity and how grateful I am to be part of the WiseOceans team. I feel more like an ambassador, contributing and saving lives of thousands of organisms on the reef. The more time I spend with WiseOceans I become smarter and wiser.

Annie on her way to the nursery, Seychelles, August 2015 ©LS WiseOceans

Annie happily heading out to the coral nursery