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WiseOceans Academy has been delivering marine education across the world, both virtually and in person for more than 10 years, reaching over 11,000 students and teachers in 37 countries!  Our lessons are delivered by active marine biologists and conservationists who are also experienced educators. Lessons engage, educate and inspire, focussing on the wonder of our oceans and the positive steps we can all take to help them.

Let’s See Who Lives in the Sea

Do you know a young ocean enthusiast? Perhaps you are a parent, have a younger sibling or a friend who is desperate to be a marine biologist when they grow up! We have just the club for you!

Our “Let’s See Who Lives in the Sea” club is ideal for the littlest would-be marine biologists. Aimed at learners between 4 and 6 years old, but open to all ages, no previous knowledge is required. Just bring yourself, some curiosity about the sea and a passion for learning!

The entire course runs for 24 weeks, but each class stands alone, so you can dip in and out for your favourite topics or during the holidays.


In each class we’ll explore some of the most iconic animals in the world’s oceans while we learn about where they live, what they eat and how they spend their days! From the cute and cuddly to the weird and wonderful, we’ll explore the deep sea and coral reefs and learn how to explore life in the sea! Each week we’ll focus on a different topic, from fascinating fish to wonderful whales, and super sharks to jiggly jellyfish.


Our classes are filled with pictures and videos of the underwater world, with an informal and  interactive style, backed by science, we hope our learners will feel like they are becoming ocean ambassadors and who knows maybe future marine biologists! Our teachers are real life marine biologists themselves and will bring their first-hand experiences to the classroom. There is always plenty of opportunity for learners to ask questions and share their own ocean encounters, and each week we end with a fun quiz!

We hope to “sea” you soon!

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