WiseOceans Marine Scholarship Programme Review

Introducing WiseOceans

WiseOceans is a marine conservation and education company that works globally to strive towards a future with healthier oceans.

We have been operating in Seychelles since 2012 and are committed to the preservation of Seychelles’ marine environment.

In May 2022 we launched the Marine Scholarship Programme (MSP).

What is the Marine Scholarship Programme?

The Marine Scholarship Programme is a comprehensive nine-month training programme for Seychellois aged 18-25. The programme aims to aid young adults to forge careers in the Blue Economy, which is the biggest growing economy in Seychelles, and to create the next generation of highly skilled professionals, innovators, and stewards of the Seychelles Marine Environment.

What the programme involved

Comprised of both theoretical and practical components, students were based across Mahé and the inner islands, and spent several months receiving training from both WiseOceans (based at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles) and GVI (Global Vision International) Seychelles, in addition to placements with other partner organisations. These included the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, The University of Seychelles, Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority, Green Islands Foundation, SYAH, and The Ocean Project Seychelles. Through these placements, students developed skills in marine ecology, coral reef restoration, science communication. They also received their SCUBA diving and first aid certifications.

Our first graduates

Congratulations to the first cohort of students, Marielle, Gaelle, Stephanie, Hansa, Randy and Neeroy, who graduated in March 2023. The closing ceremony took place in Victoria. Students received their certification from WiseOceans team members, including Project Officer Betty, and Marine Biologist and Educator Liane. We would also like to thank our Science and Conservation Advisor Georgina, who developed the programme.

We are beyond proud of all the students, with several of them choosing to continue their interest in the sector. Student Gaelle said: “I thought that all the projects I undertook were interesting and through these projects I have gained so much experience.” Marielle said: “This internship is exactly the experience I was hoping for to kick start my future career in marine conservation. I am learning valuable skills, I am involved in fieldwork, communication, and networking and most valuable of all, I am getting to do the work I have been dreaming of.”

Project Funding

This project was funded by the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAAT) through their Blue Grants Fund (BGF) initiative.

Further Information

If you are 18- 25 years old, passionate about the marine environment and interested in joining the 2023 cohort of the MSP please email georgina@wiseoceans.com for more information.

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