anthea-on-a-coralwatch-seychelles-oct-2016-wiseoceansanthea-with-a-lobster-exoskeleton-seychelles-oct-2016-wiseoceansWhat an amazing and sad surprise! My days with WiseOceans as their Reef Restoration Project Assistant at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles have come to abrupt end since I was lucky enough to be chosen to do my first degree in Greece. Sadly, I had to leave the fantastic WiseOceans team. During my short days, apart from spending most of my time in the water, I also had the chance to do a little fish and coral identification training and learn so much more about the corals. I remember when we were conducting the CoralWatch survey; first thing I saw was an octopus fixing itself in its hiding place for the day. Seeing an octopus is just the tip of the iceberg, I kept discovering this world each snorkel at a time. I felt that I found the perfect job and I could see that being part of the WiseOceans team would have been a wonderful experience.

The journey took an unexpected turn when I was selected for the Greek scholarship. Now I am off to Greece to study environmental engineering! Even though it is not directly related to marine conservation, I intend to keep conservation close to my heart and marine life in my heart. It has been a short chapter but it’s time to turn the page. It is not a goodbye because I hope to work with WiseOceans again in the future.