Georgina Bereford profile photo cropped, FSRS, August 2015 © CO WiseOceansIt’s been just over a year since I started working for WiseOceans. I’ve loved working as Communications Officer, but now I am changing roles and moving overseas to be a Marine Educator at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.


One of my lovely skype in the classroom sessions with a class in America

As Communications Officer my role included working on the WiseOceans website, particularly the jobs and events pages and also giving our Dive into the Classroom sessions. Through Skype we have connected with schools all over the world to teach them more about our oceans. It was very rewarding and I had great fun answering the imaginative questions of all the kids. Although sometimes they have pushed my knowledge to the limit (one class kept asking me how big different whales were in inches) and doubted me (one boy who hadn’t used Skype video before asked me if I was real!). It was always immensely enjoyable to talk to young people with a thirst for marine knowledge and enquiring minds.

I’m really glad to be staying in an education role, but now instead of just talking about marine life and showing pictures and videos I can take people into the sea and show them the wonders of a coral reef. The age range has also changed slightly and I now get to interact with people from 7 months to 70! It’s great to get the chance to experience a different side of the work of WiseOceans with my new role as well as a new county and culture.

My morning walk to work

My morning walk to work

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