Sea Trust

Adopt a Porpoise with Sea Trust

by Lloyd Nelmes of Sea Trust

Sea Trust is an NGO based in North Pembrokeshire, Wales. We are lucky enough to have a large population of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) living off our coast all year round. Relatively little is known about that harbour porpoise compared to other cetaceans. To understand more about harbour porpoise, especially our local population we have created the Porpoise ID Project. This project involves identifying porpoises at different sites around the coast. This gives a great understanding of their movements, behaviour and life history.

To help fund the costs of the project we have developed our ‘Adopt a Porpoise’ scheme which allows you to adopt one of our most commonly seen and adorable porpoises. You will receive monthly updates on your porpoise along with other exciting results from the photo ID surveys. To adopt a Pembrokeshire porpoise and become a porpoise pal visit here.

Monitoring porpoise populations is vital, as we have previously seen porpoise populations suffer large declines such as the vaquita, the finless porpoise and the harbour porpoise populations in the Baltic and Black sea. These populations have declined due to lack of knowledge and action. Continuous research will help to ensure the Pembrokeshire porpoise populations remain stable and protected.