A new job in a new city and in a foreign country: nervous? How can I be nervous when my new office is on the beach! I have been in my role as Marine Educator at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles for just over two weeks now and it has been everything that I expected and more. Being posted within this natural treasure trove in the Indian Ocean has flooded me with the sheer excitement of experiencing some of the most unique ecological spectacles and the great sense of purpose that comes with the ability to engage with visitors.

Krishna doing CoralWatchIn my previous role in the Andaman Islands, another heaven for marine life, I was conducting everything from week long environmental education programmes for schools to casual nature walks for guests. Having discussed environmental issues with 14 year olds all the way up to 60 year olds, I have noticed that everyone is more curious about nature when there is someone to guide them. In my current position I am able to interact with the guests, from around the globe, at a more one-on-one basis, making it easier to connect with them and share the excitement I feel for marine life. Moreover everyone, including guests and other resort staff, have been so friendly and helpful that it has been very encouraging and rewarding so far.

My excitement goes beyond just my work environment. I live in a complex with people from over 30 different nationalities, a unique opportunity to mingle with such a mix of ethnicities. I have been having a very entertaining time talking to people and learning about different cultures from around the world.

Overall, having landed in the Seychelles feels like I have landed in tropical paradise. It’s my first time on this side of the world, and as a naturalist, to experience this unique biodiversity and landscape is one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I can’t wait to see what the coming year is bringing my way and I am excited to make the most of it!


Krishna in the coral nursery

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Krisha and Georgie working on the beach