Dream jobs are true, and it’s actually not a dream as you are the only one who makes it happen by staying passionate in what you do.

That is my case, I recently join the Marine Discovery Programme of WiseOceans team at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita as a Marine Educator. Every morning, I drive through the Beau Champ village surrounded by sugar cane fields and local communities all having a natural smile even of the early start.  Arriving at the hotel, breakfast and chatting with the staffs of other departments and as Mauritius is a small island, you will always find somebody that you know or have met before. Which is always good as it makes you integrate into the group easier.

Rick snorkeling above coral, Mauritius, July 2016, © JE WiseOceansAfter getting used to the different materials, protocols and rules, now it’s time to jump in the ocean. We went to the magnificent Eau Bleu site that is a 20 minutes boat ride from the resort. Even if it’s a bit windy, the turquoise lagoon mixes with the beautiful east coastline and mountains making this boat ride just amazing. 25-degree water temperature is a bit chilly but definitely worth jumping in as the Eau Bleu site hides incredible marine life. There is a mixture of different corals species and a great variety and quantity of fish all around us. But the most iconic and endemic fish that we can observe in his natural habitat is our Mauritius anemonefish (Amphiprion chrysogaster).

Anemone fish and multiple anemones, FSRM, Aug 2015 © WiseOceansSecond day as Marine Educator we took a couple accompanied with their three children on a guided snorkel. This was a good time for me learn how it really happens with the guests. Jo starts by explaining to them about the different coastline we have around the east coast while the boat is going out of the shallow bay slowly. Arriving on the site, we explain about the different biodiversity and most important, the health and safety protocol. Now time to jump in the water and enjoy the underwater world.

As well as the reef of Eau Bleu, we are so lucky to have mangroves around the resort. Mangroves are really important for the environment, as it prevents coastal erosion but it is also the nursery ground for fish and other marine creatures. And for some curious people who love the underwater world, it’s the place to be to observe some cute baby sea creatures. The snorkel was great as we are so lucky to have some islets and mangrove around the hotel, we did some loops and observed different sea creatures and tiny coral colonies. I would love to see the spadefish (batfish) as they are so flat and have a special shape when juvenile that they look like some stranded leaves in the water. It will be for next time.

Every Tuesday night, the WiseOceans team is invited to the Four Seasons Resort cocktail evening. It is a great way to meet guests a bit more informally and also it’s a great time to tell the guests more about the different engagement opportunities and motivation of WiseOceans.

The Marine Discovery Programme is really appreciated by the guests and also the staff of the hotel. My goal now is to try to involve staff in some more programs and also think of many more fun and educative activities to propose to the guests and to inspire other non-swimmers or newbies to the ocean. I am really excited to be working for WiseOceans at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, and enjoy the variety of tasks within my role. It is this excellent combination of marine education and research in a paradise location which makes it my dream job.


Rick conducting CoralWatch, Mauritius, July 2016, ©JE WiseOceans

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Rick snorkeling in the mangrove

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Rick snorkeling, Mauritius, July 2016, © JE WiseOceans


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