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Marine pollution is a huge issue globally. It impacts both individual animals as well as entire habitats and ecosystems. One way we can all help our oceans is by reducing the amount of rubbish that is thrown away. Below is a list of five easy and simple to reuse common household rubbish items and how to give them a new lease of life!

1. Tin Cans

Tin can be easily washed out and repurposed. Using a hammer and nail you can punch holes into the bottom so that you can use them as planters for herbs in your kitchen or other plants in your garden. You can also paint and decorate them to use as pen or paintbrush holders.

2. Glass Jars

Just like tin cans, these can be washed and used to store pens and pencils on your desk or in your cupboards. One of the best ways to reuse your jars it to take them to the supermarket to fill with rice, nuts, or pasta. This means that as well as reusing the jar, you are not purchasing food that is in plastic bags that cannot be easily recycled.

3. Cardboard Tubes

If you have children at home, there are so many amazing craft ideas for things like cardboard tubes and other household recycling. Look on our website for some great ideas of marine crafts to do!

4. Parcels and Boxes

Saving and reusing packaging from deliveries can save you money as well as giving them a new life. Brown paper used inside some parcels can even be ironed and decorated to make great homemade wrapping paper.

5. Glass Bottles

After washing glass bottles and removing their labels they can be used as vases for dried or fresh flowers as well as being turned into candle holders. If you have house plants, they can also be filled with water and stuck in the soil to water your plants over time.

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