Over the course of eighteen weeks, our Ocean Explorers club dives into the world of marine biology and explores different animals and habitats all around our oceans. Each week is filled with inspiring images, videos, and facts, changing topic weekly – one week we might be talking about life on the coral reef and the next might be a deep dive into sharks. Every class is an all-encompassing session, so you can dip in and out for a week at a time or stay with us for the full cycle and become a fully-fledged Ocean Explorer!

Let’s dive in and check out our topics. This time – penguins.


Penguins are one of the world’s most recognisable birds. There are 18 species of penguin living in our oceans, and they are some of the most well-loved animals in the world. Opting to be super swimmers, using their wings as fins instead of for flight, penguins have been entertaining us with their cute chicks and funny flips for years. Although excellent swimmers, penguins are often not so graceful on the land! They get around by hopping, waddling or sliding!

Big and Small

The biggest species of penguin is the Emperor. The Emperor penguin is one of the most charismatic penguin species  . Living in large colonies in the cold climate of Antarctica, the Emperor penguin stands tall at a height of up to 1.2m (4 foot). The Emperor penguin can be identified by its large size, yellow chest, and super cute, fluffy, grey chicks!

The smallest of the penguins, the little penguin, has several different names! Otherwise called the fairy penguin, blue penguin, or little blue penguin! Found in the waters of New Zealand, this tiny penguin only grows to around 30cm (1 foot). With its small size making it vulnerable to predators, the little penguin makes its nests in burrows on the ground.

There’s No Place Like Home

Although often associated with Antarctica, only 4 of the 18 species of penguins permanently live in the South Pole. The other species can be found on the coasts of countries including New Zealand and South Africa. Some species will nest underground, while others will live in big colonies on cliff sides. There is even one penguin that lives in the Northern hemisphere! Yes, the Galapagos penguin is found in the Galapagos islands right on the equator!

‘Penguins’ is just one of the 18 topics we have in our Ocean Explorers course. Here you’ll be introduced to the macaroni penguin and learn more about the tiny little blue! Find out what they eat, where they live, how they get their names and of course, there will be no shortage of super cute video clips!

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