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When You Love Your Job, it Doesn’t Feel Like Work!

by Flora Blackett

Working for WiseOceans is a great change of pace for me. Having come from the Maldives, as both a resident marine biologist and a dive instructor, I spent more time that I would have liked on the dive instructing side of life. Here I can forget all about that and move onto doing the dreamy job of a full-time marine educator.

Flora Blackett, WiseOceans Marine Educator

I am based almost entirely in the bay of Petite Anse, on the island of Mahé. This means we work at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles and as such get guests from all around the world interested in what we do. Every day we have a different cast of characters coming to our office, also known as the ‘picnic table’, some wanting to join in with our efforts to restore the reef, others wanting to know the best snorkel spots, yet more wanting just to spend time talking about anything ocean related.

I think one of my highlights so far has been taking a privately guided snorkel with a ten-year-old boy from Europe. He was so nervous before we got in and by the end of our hour session, he was hooked! In fact, he came back every day of his holiday to either go snorkelling again or sit with us and play the awesome Marine Match game and discuss any and all ocean facts.

The team on the beach has been amazingly easy to integrate with. They are completely knowledgeable and so happy to pass on all the local know-how to each incoming team member, as well as guests. So far, I have managed to have great fun every day on the beach and can’t wait for the coming months to keep the ocean joy rolling!

Now, the hardest part of the job… probably persuading my friends and family back in the UK that ‘yes- I do actually work hard, it’s just doesn’t feel like it as I love it!’